Terms and Conditions: Experian

Experian India uses the information collected from you or about you to handle the requests you make to Experian India. When an individual or as an authorized user of a registered Member of Experian India makes a request, the information Experian India collects from the website is only used to handle such service requests. Based on the nature of the transaction with Experian India, you may need to provide Experian India certain personally identifiable consumer information, such as first and last name; home address, billing address, or other physical address; email addresses; telephone numbers; identity information like PAN number, Passport details, Ration card number, Voters ID; Aadhar Id, surrogate information such as date of birth, gender, names of related entities such as father’s name, spouse name, etc. (collectively, “Personally Identifiable Consumer Information”). In general, Experian India will use the information collected from you for the purposes for which you provided such information. Experian India will not release your Personally Identifiable Consumer Information to third parties except: (1) as necessary for us to process your transaction, or (2) as permitted by law, or (3) as required by the government, law enforcement, or an order of the court.