• What is the meaning of ‘Seedhi Baat’?
    Diplomatic and dishonest communication
    Use jargon and technical terms
    Simple, Honest & Direct Communication
    Withhold important information and only provide information that is necessary
  • What would you answer when somebody asks you about your salary?
    You would reply correctly with the amount that you earn.
    You would ask the person the reason as to why does he need to know?
    You would ask him the question – what is your salary?
    You would simply smile and say – I earn enough to eat.
  • You are in a situation where in 2 of your best friends invite you for a dinner on the same day, same time, what would you do?
    You would avoid going to the dinner in the first place
    You would dine at one of the friends choosing over the other
    You would choose to tell them the problem and amicably find a solution
    You would call up your other friend and hangout with him/her
  • You need to take a leave from office as you are planning a Goa trip with your friends at a short notice, How would go about getting a leave?
    You would call in sick for 2 days and go for the trip
    You would lie to your boss about somebody being seriously ill in your family
    You would honestly tell your boss about the trip and forget the outcome
    You would cancel the trip instead
  • You have been invited to a relative for dinner but the food is too salty to eat, how would you react in this situation?
    You would eat the food without any complaints as it is
    You would lie that you are not feeling well and not eat the food
    You would avoid the food citing reasons that you are already full
    You would tell them that the food is bit salty and hence I cannot eat the same
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